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Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin

Managing Director of Mydin

Yasmin Rasyid

Founder & President of EcoKnights

Azhar Sulaiman

Successful Businessman, Acclaimed Actor & Media


Chris Randolph

Group CEO of CIGSB, Published Author &

Marketing Specialist from USA

There's A BETTER Way To Succeed In The Business & Entrepreneurial Journey

~ Business Success Summit 2019 ~

More Deals ~ More Clients ~ Quicker Sales ~ Skyrocket Revenue & Profits

In today's market & economy, it's not good enough to be good... You HAVE to be EXCELLENT. Success in business doesn't have to be hard. It's simply having the right skills and knowing when and how to use them.

You need PRACTICAL & ACHIEVABLE ways to streamline the business systems, practices to ensure survivability AND profits in your business.

For any business, professional, executive or managers, there MUST be an increase in knowledge, productivity, creativity and foundational building blocks for success.

Who Should Attend

Business Owners

Speakers & Training Providers

Social Media Entrepreneurs

Investors & Traders

Working Professionals in Real Estate, Finance, Direct Selling & Insurance

Junior & Senior Executives

Middle & Senior Management

Consultants, Trainers & Coaches Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Start-Ups & Founders

Professionals & Solo-Preneurs

Sales Professional High-Level Vital Topics

Overcome Challenges & Obstacles Almost Every Professional Faces & Stresses Over

Elusive Secrets to Generating a Sustainable Business

Develop the Entrepreneurship Mentality & Instill the Go-Getter Attitude In Your Team

Social Media Impact on Business & Why You Must Use It The RIGHT Way For Effective Results

Dealing With Millennials... Staff, Suppliers, and Customers and Clients

How to Gain International Exposure For Your Products & Services

Benefits & Expected Outcomes

~ Earn More, Close More, Sell Faster, Increase Sales ~

Develop Leadership, Communication, Business & Marketing Skils

Instill the Ultimate Desire in Yourself & Your Team to Outperform

Secret Insights to Weather Obstacles, Economy, Setbacks & Factors You Cannot Control

Learn to Create a Burning Desire to Succeed in All Areas of Business & Life

Creativity In Marketing Your Business & Selling Your Products & Services

Speakers' Biography

Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj. Ameer Ali bin Mydin - Managing Director of MYDIN

Today, Mydin is Malaysia’s largest hypermarket and retail group with more than 267 retail stores nationwide. Humble beginnings in 1918 were the foundation of the Mydin chain. Through the leadership of Datuk Ameer, inspired by the perseverance, determination and faith of his father, Mydin has not only survived but also thrived through the decades.

The struggles, pain, challenges and headaches of building a major brand can destroy the sanity of any human being. Hear the secret of building resistance to challenges and problems. Let Datuk Ameer share his

tumultuous journey and relenting movement forward. Discover the importance of being humble, having faith, deciding your path and most importantly, mental fortitude and the never-say-die spirit.

Yasmin Rasyid - Founder and President of EcoKnights

Yasmin Rasyid’s passion is in the community and environment. When sustainability, conservation, recycling and environmentalism were mere buzz words, Yasmin forged ahead with her steely conviction in social

responsibility and making the world a better place for all.

Since 2005, Yasmin has forged ahead in the face of resistance, challenges and obstacles to gain invaluable insights and experience in NGOs, social businesses, CSR as well as youth and community empowerment.

Hear her passionate adventure and how she had to develop skills along the way, for example; leadership and management, fundraising, social entrepreneurship and dealing with all sectors of business and government.

Azhar Sulaiman - Successful Businessman, Acclaimed Actor & Media Personality

Best known for his Best Actor Malaysia Film Festivals nominations for blockbuster movies “Interlud” and “Abang92”, as well as countless films, telemovies, acclaimed drama series and TV appearances, Azhar Sulaiman is

not only a distinguished actor and TV personality, but also a highly talented professional Architect with 2 BAs in Art & Architecture!

In spite of his heavy film schedule over the last 20 years, Azhar has honed his architecture & design skills since 1993. With multiple designs of several prominent buildings under his belt, he has risen above the average players to become a sought-after designer.

Overcoming multiple challenges over the years, Azhar has overcome all of these with a quiet resolve, willful determination and stubborn tenacity. With a firm purposefulness and self-confident dauntlessness, Azhar will share what has driven him onward and upward to stellar success in not just one but 2 separate careers!

Chris Randolph - CEO, Published Author & Marketing Specialist from USA

Chris is an internationally recognized as an accomplished author, motivator, sales coach, professional speaker and trainer. Founding his global organization in San Diego USA in 1998, Chris has been in the trenches of business, studying and learning from his mentors and applying skills, breaking through challenges and obstacles to succeed in his journey to achieve success.

No stranger to personal sacrifice, hard work and perseverance, Chris has written several books and pioneered SEO and E-commerce business applications.

In his caring, yet firm no-nonsense approach, Chris helps his clients and students transform themselves with a clear sense of purpose. You will find yourself exposed to powerful strategies that will transform your skill

level to develop a game plan for your financial, profession and life.

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